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WJOL Interview With Will County Center for Economic Development (CED) CEO John Greuling

Sustaining Health & Economy in Will County, Illinois

CED News - CEO John Greuling on Sustaining Health & Economy

Our President & CEO, John Greuling recently appeared on WJOL and shared his perspective: Will County and our economy, as resilient as it has been for the last twenty-plus years – even through the Great Recession – is entering a challenging period. Job One is to be where you’re supposed to be, do what you’re supposed to do (and not too closely), support our health and community care providers to the max, wash your hands and beat this virus. Then we will need to reinvigorate what we have and make it better.

The good news for Will County is that all our primary industry sectors will play major roles in the Recovery locally, regionally and nationally. Our incredible health care businesses, educational institutions, energy/chemical/refinery companies, manufacturers and the transportation, distribution, logistics industry will play major roles in bringing us back, making us better.

The Will County Center for Economic Development is the go to organization to get it done and stands ready to be an integral part in this Recovery.

The CED Board Members and Investors have always recognized that economic growth and prosperity doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes strategic thinking, planning and doing. We Will Stay Strong.

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