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Unemployment Down & Job Creation Steady in Will County, Illinois

As of April, the county’s unemployment rate stood at 7%, below one year prior when it reached 16%

By Alex Ortiz |

Unemployment Rate Down

Will County’s economy appears to be on solid footing as it and the nation continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the local Center for Economic Development.

In its virtual report to investors on Wednesday, the Will County CED highlighted several data points showing a local recovery which compares favorably to the rest of the state.

Doug Pryor, the CED’s vice president for economic development, said much like the the rest of U.S., Will County took about a 3% hit to its gross regional product in 2020, compared to the prior year due to the economic constraints of the pandemic.

“Considering where we thought we would be at the beginning of COVID, this is actually an OK number,” Pryor said.

Even with the impact, Pryor said he anticipates the county to bounce back as more vaccinations and lifting of restrictions causes economic activity to resume.


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