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Trash to Cash: Will County to Convert Methane Into Renewable Gas
Turning Trash Into Cash

By Abhinanda Datta, Patch Staff

Will County aims to do more with methane from landfill

Bulldozer in landfill

JOLIET – The Will County Board approved the next steps to convert methane gas produced at the Prairie View Landfill into compressed natural gas. The board voted today to select SCS Energy to design and build a plant to convert the methane to renewable natural gas. Harbour Contractors from Plainfield will lead the construction piece of this project. Currently, some methane gas is converted into electricity at the landfill with the remainder being burned off.

“Will County is a leader in green technology and environmental sustainability,” said Speaker of the County Board Mimi Cowan (D-Naperville.) “Whether it is solar electricity for the new courthouse, or trash at the landfill, we have an obligation to reduce our carbon footprint and lead the way toward a more sustainable community.” Electricity currently generated from methane gas at the landfill provides approximately $450,000 in revenue per year for the county. Converting all of the methane generated at the landfill into compressed natural gas could potentially generate as much as $12 million per year. That money will be used to pay off debt for construction of the new methane to natural gas plant and to fund other critical county programs in the future.



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