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Lion Electric A Twist To Joliet Industrial Growth

Herald-News Bob Okon

Lion Electric Construction

The pending arrival of The Lion Electric Co. puts a new perspective on the industrial development that has proliferated in Joliet and surrounding towns.

Industrial has translated to warehouses and distribution centers for years with many people complaining that logistics is not their idea of industry.

Manufacturing is what many want to see, but manufacturing as new industry seemed to all have disappeared until the Lion Electric announcement a week ago.

Now, not only is Joliet poised to get anew manufacturing plant in late 2022 but one on the cutting edge of future technology –a maker of electric buses and trucks.

All of a sudden, there seems to beamethod to the madness –to the extent that many consider the continuous addition of warehouses and the semitrailers that come with them to be madness –if our area’s proven readiness to accommodate logistics leads to a new wave of manufacturing.


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