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JJC Officially Designated Hispanic Serving Institution

Students at JJC

Joliet Junior College (JJC), the first public community college in the United States, proudly unveiled its official designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HIS). This recognition marks a pivotal moment in the college’s history.

The U.S. Department of Education defines an HIS as an institution with an enrollment of undergraduate full-time equivalent students comprising at least 25 percent Hispanic students. JJC’s Hispanic Enrollment has grown from 11.3% in fall 2000 to 34% in fall 2023 and such growth is expected to continue. The HIS designation demonstrates JJC’s focus on the community both internally and externally. Althought the HIS designation is recent, the supports and services included in the submission are part of JJC’s long-standing commitment to its students and communities.

“The HSI designation will further drive JJC’s ability to be an engine of economic mobility, actively embedded in and empowering the communities we serve,” said Dr. Clyne Namuo, JJC president. More information here.

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